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Some Bush era hip-hop representing for the Earth against the Babylon vampires. Some themes include aliens, ecology, and cannabis. Great trimming music.


released July 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Resonant Sun Reno, Nevada

Chill Bass with a bit of hip-hop. grime, trap, ethnic, and funky future vibes.

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Track Name: #1 Insurgent
I can’t stand the government they’re fakin’
the way they act is unkosher like bacon
the way to kill a vampire, stick the stake in,
and bump this shit like it was Jamaican
It’s time to free up the earth from the serpent
And if they get Firebombed they deserve it
Aren’t you tired of starving a working
Resonant Sun the number 1 insurgent

Well we came from a flame in a nebula
on a mission with the vision of a messenger giving praises to Jah galactic counselor
living lasers of love gonna blast for ya
from the veil of maya to the playa of heaven alliging chromoses
diving microphones
galactic reverends
in a dimension with no tension
it’s a free will zone
and now I’m bringing it to predictaments
of Baby-lon
What is the trouble
George Double is a gargoyle
He came from Mars to steal all of our oil
and i know that he don’t know what the deal is because the snake is hella fake and don’t feel shit children and women, they’re living in poverty because the kin of the serpent takes the property they cut the tree and can’t see the environment the master race must face a retirement

Well we woke up with the blow up of a Supernova
Quetzocoatl looking looking over
through the will of Jehova
I call angel angel guardian
please chill the will of these Martian men
send a light to ignite the redemption
open up my ka lines Jah ascension
is the plan if we can just stand How to adapt
and see the energy universally being tapped wrapped in color we hover above the surface using tones to awaken clones to their purpose balance is the challenge that’s elemental
clear your belief, relief for the vessel
harness chi with the G of the tribalastro
rainbow the way I flow but i’m not Castro
i do the math though and sew the Ox Kan
Liberate my time state from Babylon Chicchan

I poke you in the Eye, Illuminati
stuck in your body, you’re blind you can’t see Eye in the pyramid, funk your posse Firebomb the oil greedy Nazi.

Well we flew with the crew to the Mothership drinking nectar from the sector, it’s some other Shit You can discover She’s the Mother of All that Is Her name is Jah, She’s the Law of Averages
So we channel to animals about the abduction
of the Masonic line into social contruction
Saying priests aren’t the ones to reach Paradise
the desire of the Messiah’s not to be a sacrifice Twice running, Christ coming straight from Venus I drop a verse until I’m my own personal Jesus Represent, been sent from the Federation
We come straight from the sun each generation
like Arcturus, emergence of activation,
Sirius convergence of calibration
Alcyon we be on your rotation
Vega raise the Gaia Vibration
Track Name: Grassroots
Straight from the country J Monkey
investing in a piece of the land where I stand
with the eco-meditation one nation
grassroots grown up cosmic seed sown up

Straight from the country get joint money
investing in a piece of the land where I stand
with the eco-meditation one nation
grassroots grown up cosmic seed sown up

Verse 1

Straight from the country, I bump thee

giving props to my family, OJG

and I needed some room and now I chill with the coons

and the wolves and the bobcats - it’s like that

let me recomp on a fat sack, I’m wild back up off me

I gotta go pick some wild plums

MCs get dumb-founded - I’m so grounded

tapped into the Gaian mind

step into my wilderness you might find
the grass is greener and cleaner
than your average urban MC
I’m set free when I hug upon a cedar tree
and get lost in the moss
you simply might say that I’m the sauce
but not the kind you get at Safeway
I’m much more tasty and I’m inspired anyway
just breathing it’s just so deceiving living in Babylon
so I’m leaving - the time ticking behind me
tripping in pine trees you simply won’t find me
unless you’re the straight fucking homie
see in the sticks there’s simply no way one could get with this
unless you’re a hippy or a town hick
see living homeless was full of tension
people looking for a bonus, just to sleep not to mention
what can I eat with no stove?
wish I had a fat grove
of the fruit trees ital
I see the benefit of a broken branch
on the ranch where I reside
and now I glizide like an eagle
back to the fact that my people living real
in the metropolis the mother city when you get toppled
it’s just a taste of tough titties
struggle seems so gritty
possibly due to frequencies transmitting
from the television radars, the player haters
elevators in urban sprawl, am I on the ball?
to say this lifestyle must fall
novelties people look to they shouldn’t fall for these

Verse 2
Take a moment to look outside
and think of all the ways Jah can provide
and if you can’t think of even just one of these
let me tell you kids money does grow on trees
it’s a disease to think that we have to work
we get this idea from men who took over the Earth WTO here to regulate and decide our fate
by determining our trade routesand pay rates
yet they degrate the resources the sea horses
tortoises all the way to rare porpoises
metamorphising this world into a corporate profit
I’d like to take a big atomic bomb and drop it
on the stock market, but hey that’s way too big a target I’ll start my looking at my own
patterns of consumption
do I go to luncheons every day with my friends? spending ends I could be saving elsewhere - beware
of thinking you’re the shit but you got tons of money and you go and spend it
irresponsibly, this is the catastrophe of living in the capitalist paradise
we’re just like parasites -
so make sure that you suck well
off your hostess that’s why I chose this country setting to see about the person that I keep forgetting in the hustle and bustle that means me
feeding myself with the o-r-g-a-n-i-c
For Real!
Track Name: Terraist

Terraist Earth Anarchist
I'm on the list but they always miss
Terraist Earth Activist
I raise a fist George Bush is a Bitch
Terraist Earth Alchemist
I get blissed off some cannabis
Terraist Earth Activist
I raise a fist George Bush is a Bitch

Verse 1
Terraist terrestrial therapist
sharp as an arrow is
H.A.R.P. better know that I'm perilous
I nayer miss with consciousness
my prayers kiss the manifold
none the less an animal
I confess I am, an ape and a man, shit
yo what the hell is this planet?
An animate playground
gravity is way down
to make your weak ass lay down
energetic takedown
from density
raise the intensity
blaze the expensive tree
phase this apprehensive MC? no, siree.
Don't walk around the galaxy so hopelessly
you're supposed to be close to enjoyment
funk employment
I'm bout to have an herbal anointment
and make some on point beats for target practice
check my scope? say no to taxes

Verse 2
Allies and axis, it's all petro
from the get go
they'll never let go
so I gotta blow up the stock market
use my dynamic and then I spark it
hark the heavenly MC sings
galactic greetings from the acting free kings
never bling bling we ever teaching
read some i-ching and see the meaning
be the greening and keep on dreaming
the light is beaming so bless t he healing, Word!
Feeling the hope, legalize my hemp rope
G Dub is a dope with the lyrical faux-pas
I got mo' Jah, props to Yemoja
angel soldier, plant the bomb dojier
demons are schjeming for my ambrosia
I 215 on D.E.A. posers

Verse 3
The world that we're living in
I tap the meridian
sharpen obsidian
mark the Dravidians
and Draconians
head Babylonians
grab up your laser guns
let your phasers stun
heartless reptilians
killing millions
working with the aliens
Zeta Reticulums
I call the Plaedians
Sirians, Andromedans
who don't like the dominant
paradigm, with the narrow mind
selling heroine
slavery like the pharoah's time
take some kerosine
light a match or thrine
put it to the shrine
of the corporate slime
crime against the rest of us
I make the best of this
won't fake with pessimists
just blow up the festivists
Rumsfeld estimates
not legitimate testaments
associating with president's
with no basic intelligence
Track Name: The Range
Om Om on the range
where the extraterrestrials play
where wisdom is heard
emanational words
and the skies look milky all day

Om Om on the range
where the grays and the aliens play
where harmonics are heard
ceremonial words
and the humans will never be the same

Verse 1
Grab your 6-shooter
galatic communter
I rap with computer
smoke a bag of space buddha
ride the stellar mass bro
I grab Taurus with my lasso
past yo' solar vicinity
NASA can't get with me
use hydrogen energy
I cloak in ganja smoke
evade the men in b
round up from the ground up
build a mound, what?
my sound's stuck
in your crown duct
and bounce up
up out the ozone
shape shift your chromosome
turn into white buffalo and rome alone
return when my lyrical crops are overgrown
star seed hardly known, until I blow your dome
nuclear fusion, channel Jesus the Venusian
my startship's cruising bold going where no dude's been
galactic counselor, battling Lucifer
the Maldekian, representing bigger than Jupiter

Verse 2
It's high noon, I gotta fly soon
look at the white moon it's time for the typhoon
I might zoom on Pegasus, the light's tuned to my resonance
do we exist, here's the evidence
My ancestral team was beamed by the Edenic stream
you might of heard of our arrival in the Bible we're the Nephalim
Elohim means we're God-like,
an odd sight to the homosapien but it's all light
and all tone, enjoy the Earth home before it's gone
it's going down in a showdown with Babylon
Hodown and a square dance, I'm taking the rare stance
If my patnas got my back I got a fair chance
so get that gun out the holster, don't run out the dojia
Resonant Sun the exposa
Bush, just a lily-livered hoser, sniffing coke
watch him croak as I blow away the gun smoke
Track Name: Oilstars
Unocal, Texaco, and Chevron
BP, Arco, Shell, and Exxon
Doing deals with the prominent Texan
probably gonna buy (just bought) the next (last) election

Well they sucking the black gold, the blood of Terra
the ground is Iraq holds the gas for their black fords
chevy caprice, the mark of the beast
crown victoria - the typical warrior
thinking he's holier fighting a jihad
the mentality of our president's Yee Haw
Resonant Sun I break it down like 9-11
Why is the Christian similar to the Taliban?
They oppress the Goddess, spiritually noviced
up in the oval office, they got America hostage
they eating the sausage, creating the carnage
bombing all the people for the corporate profits
and the mutual funds with the usual ones
they got the nuclear bombs
and they dropping em on moms
Osama Saddams - it's all media hype
cause George Bush and Republicans are the Fourth Reich

Well they working with the Saudis
it's bout to get rowdy
I'm a head to Maui and ascend up outie
I'd rather hold the root down, drink some juice down
mediate and activate to burn the roof down
One love to Iraq I attack my own lack
of multicultural misunderstanding that shit is wack
I'm all about a solar pack, bring my music off the grid
hug a tree kid like Jesus
Connect to the stellar, light brotherhood goodfella
Malchizadek respect
Where you been working my kin?
Up against the serpent, Roman, Babylonian
with the calendar Gregorian
my hearts like Lemurian - I shop hemporium
In the land of Oregon, Weed, Californian
I been here plenty of times, seen them commit war crimes

Well they went up in the land where petroleum flows
Donald Rumsfeld and the GI Joes
Dick Cheney and a Halliburton
tell a different story, a different version
looking for the weapons of mass destruction
if they only knew it was the television
not to mention corporate corruption
this war is an international abduction

the maya knew how to build the whole village
Annanaki are here for gold pillage
rasta aquires nugs from soil tillage
Babylon vampires love the oil spillage

Babylon killing the women and killing the children
so I know my mind is the best weapon
look at how they came and killed the Indian
the economic sun never sets on England
they got the banker and the lawyer
money is the goal of the destroya'
fear, hate, and paranoia
how they create another consuma'
controlling the media, they always feed ya
nazi propaganda cause they working for dubya
Republicans think that he's intelligent
others defend that he's a good president
even the election was illegitimate
that's why this oil war is imminent
overthrow the Bush family - feeling it
give the oil back to the Earth they stealing it
Track Name: PlantEmUp
CHORUS (Repeat)
Plant em up
Grow em up
Cut em up
Dry em up
Sack em up
Coming up
Get HIGH!!!

Straight from the Northwest, yeah it’s so fresh
I just blew in on a sacred storm crest
create a new process with the goddess
I must soothe bless men with a blend that is blessed
yes I possess the green sticky medicine
more electricity than Thomas Edison
gaining telepathy cause I’m so resonant
fainting from gravity, heavy measurement

Straight from the Northwest in the green fortress
rasta manifest with the help of keen sorceress
vibing in my head I dread unseen forces
riding on the red, white, black, and green horses
but you know the ganja herb is so gorgeous
help to bring the Earth back to natural courses
ganja ninja unlimited resources
so much Mary barely get divorces
I'm gonna voice my love for the Kali plant
holding these truths to be so self-evident
Dennis Kucinic he fits for elf president
be a Earth witch of the light like Malchizadek
entering a place where time and space intersect
light up the joint free will has to resurrect
rastafari foundate we the architects
got the starlight ground right to the four directs
channing text to the rest of the pessimists
guide and protect ganjaman and his cannabis
Track Name: Ganja Ninja
Ganja Ninja, puff pu-pu-pu-pu puff - High Yah!

Verse 1
I put you in a sleeper
bud that is creeper
super bomb reefer
state of the beaver
hit me on my beeper
I'm my brother's keeper
ganja ninja digging deeper green reaper
never seen so much kind bud for cheaper
let me tell you boy the game that you haven't peeped sir
unemployment rate just a case of cream fever
Mary Jane stays as my number one diva

Verse 2
Yes I Doctor J
Got fresh bombay
Pacific Cascades
million ways to get blazed
super THC glazed
spiritual craze
ganjna ninja gutting blazed off of sun rays
Babylon guns try to make me run 'way
But the green bugs are my only sensei
take away my herb is like Hare Kare
legalize the ganja do as Jah say

Verse 3
I creep around the Popo
silly piggy don't know
keep my game so low
locked em up like Provo
focus like No-Doze
fuck the GI Joes
working like Hi-Ho
Off to work I go go
I'd bounce on the draft like a Smother's Brothers yo-yo
slanging this crop like produce at the grow sot'
when you gonna see that the Buddha is for who' bro?
Million dollar plant J Money on the promo
Track Name: Bugs
Bugs - Em variation (94 bpm)

Verse 1
I do a chant with the ants
I do a dance with the honeybees
in the hive colonies
feeding the bees with the royal jellies
pollen helps the swollen allergies
buzzing with my cousin the cricket
it's sounds wicked in the thicket as we kick it
dialing in the Earth medicine
as we get resonant
using our legs like a violin

I got the bug connection
insection have a session
with the dominant population
my occupation bring flower food to the hive
I detect the flower and devour fresh jive

Verse 2
Spider writer all nighter arachnid
catching rhymes in a web to stay fed
I go to bed on the hunt for a fly
multiply and then die
why do you question your instinct?
or rethink of a thought that you thought
now you're caught like a moth in the flame
you're like an og in the game
like a grower with spider mites
on his Mary Jane
that's why I can't stand the exterminator
poison has a toxic flavor
I just watch as they kill my neighbor
Mr. Cockroach, it was a raid
he got sprayed when they found out
where the bug stayed
so I lay microscopic biodiverse like the tropics
ancient design like your coccyx
obnoxious when I'm buzzing in your ears
like mosquitos blood flows vibrate like studios

Verse 3
It's the notorious B.U.G. Bug papa
party jumping off like a grasshopper
in the hair on the head of dreadlocka
scorpion pyramid in Oaxaca
all the way down to Atlantis
over the rainbow to Kanses
trippy like a preying mantis
Track Name: Goddess
Verse 1: Sky
Goddess of the sky
watch her fly by
oh me oh my
the wind is her sigh
As I ride on the breeze
breathe trees from the clouds
rain down on the crowds
guess what she's all about
Inspiration, invitation to inhale
cause the air gets stale in the Babylon jail
so she sends in a storm to perform the transform
break the norm with the ventral mental energy swarm
She's adorned with feathers like a falcon
nails like talons, perfect tail feathers for balance
eyes like a hawk you might catch the one glancer
then gain you just missed the mystic air dancer

Chorus 1
Sky Goddess Sky Goddess, she is the flyest (x4)

Goddess of the sea
aura's blue green
and I taste this queen
when I eat some seaweed
yes indeed I love this mama so much
emotional, the ocean will, keep you in touch
with the rush of the wave
she crashes the shore
her life is so deep
so you can explore
like a dolphin calling sonar to Sirius
it's quite an abyss in the ocean of bliss
I kiss her salty tears as we cry for the planet
and I don't understand it's just a crime against humanity
she, daughter of Neptune, aligned with the moon
she knows that the time is coming soon
to end this doom with a flood made of suds
to clean off the planet of missiles and SCUDS

Chorus 2
Sea Goddess Sea Goddess, cleanse with the waters (x4)

Verse 3
But what about the Goddess of the Earth
walking on the turf
she kicks it with the Smurfs
and sands touch the surf
on her beach, she's a peach
the juiciest fruit
her rastawoman roots like a pair of hemp boots
getting recruits, she's in a constant state of recruitment
as long as there's manufacturing of pollutants
celebrates the mutants, fairies, and elves
look into yourselves, she's good for your health like minerals
she is the general
life is in seminal
planting Jah seeds, she's a vegetable
criminals bout to see minimal success
cause when we harness the Earth Goddess
you can't resist her
sure as the mountains get you higher
I n I love and respect Mama Gaia

Chorus 3
Earth Goddess Earth Goddess, respect her bodice (x4)

Verse 4: Fire
What about the goddess of the fire
taking me higher as her flames make a pyre
I blaze with desire
to admire the hot flame
as she burns up the game
with some smoke to the brain
lighting up the mental chain
with explosions
so the heart cannot be frozen
pushing lives into motion
when she lights up the dojier
hotta than a soldier holding a pinless grenade
Coolio knows she's too hot
you better run for shade
she's a blazer
burning like a laser
I will always praise her
she's a star I'm a star gazer
she's the one watching while I'm taking a solar
she's the one shining when I'm growing up a cola
she's the one bout to flip up the North Polar
blasting out heat from her stellar corona
6 in the morning she's rising in the east
giving light to us all so we can have a feast
we can eat well
we can live swell
cast out the Babylon devils to Hell

Chorus 4
Fire Goddess Fire Goddess, she is the hottest (x4)
Track Name: Elf Rap
Its the Elf Rap, flows like tree sap
You're running laps around a lapse of continual collapse
MCs take naps about the real haps
their style lacks vision and sounds like another religion
of false saviors, condemning my behaviors
do me a favor let's savor mother nature
picture what it could be see
they wouldn't have to chop down the wood tree
and we could be kicking it on the balcony
smoking on the c-h-r-o-n-i-c
and we could be kicking it on the balcony
smoking on the c-h-r-o-n-i-c

Down by the green ravine I watch sacred moss gleam
a lost dream and when I found it I was redeemed
light beamed by the forest fractal I pack til the
malignant mind comes benign and tactile
under attack til I get the green sensation
sensi meditation cellestial origination
extraterrestrial divination in relation
to my thought vibration and you know it's just
a mental space station
It's the date and time,
space and rhyme
name and number
over and under
on sine waves til Booya
surfin on Zuvuya
whatcha watch want
watcha watcha wanna do now?
Hunab Ku, coming through
revolution it starts with you
when I mean to get the green
it's called internal revenue

It's the Elf Rap, flows like tree sap,
you're running laps around a lapse of continual collapse
MCs take naps, about the real Haps
they probably drink Pabst and litter
probably got a weak liver
take dumps in the river
and don't even know how to dig a shitter

I hear sprites take up mics in late nights
singing bout their day hikes
in the wilderness like the Israelites
and they keep ites with raw delights
for the insights, higher heights
keep it light like Essenes with greens
and fresh sprouts, ounce of seaweed
and a pocket full of kiwi
Off the heasel, make our own biodiesel
Don't wanna support the sport
of going to the earth the export
the blood of her arteries
just to purport the use of SUVs
So we seize the day to purvey
our message to the masses
through holy grasses and circle passes
to the left to the right spiraling vibing things
when we rhyming bring word sound power
to everything that we can king
Words to the fable
Herbs to the table
Love to the cradle
so the youth are able
to connect the cable
back to the One Thing
which has no label

It's the Elf Rap flows like tree sap
you're running laps around a lapse of continual collapse
we need to save our habitats from the axe
and the purveyors of collection of tax
feel connection with the four direction
guidance and protection

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